Get a data-driven score for Privacy, Security & GDPR.

Enough talk about fines. Get competitive!


Scan your company website. Our scanner is aggregating lots of data. Not just from your website.


Soon you’ll have access to the dashboard. See how competition and service providers perform.


Soon you’ll know what’s missing. Improve Privacy & Security. Improve your business.

What is Ubiscore?

Ubiscore will be the new standard for Privacy, Security & Compliance monitoring. You have invested time, money or both towards cybersecurity and compliance. Now it’s time to show the world where you stand. Get a score. Display it on your website. Compare* your score to your competition. See where your service providers stand. Improve compliance and cybersecurity continuously, one score at a time!

*You will soon be able to register a company account. Get your own Ubiscore page. Get a fancy score logo to show and tell. Gather all relevant intel in our new dashboard.